Solah - Calla Satchel Review

Solah.H - Instagram @solah_____

  • Please briefly introduce yourself.
- Hi, My name is Solah. I live in NY and work for a PR agency in Manhattan.

  • Which item did you purchase from ORRi New York? And what made you purchase that item?  
- I got a SMALL CALLA SATCHEL in BURGUNDY; this just seemed like no-brainer to me since I've always wanted a small bag in burgundy color. I was mostly intrigued by the brand description on its website. The brand seemed very trustworthy, and its promise of quality really came through for me!

  • What do you most like about our brand and products?
- Quality, Simple / Chic Design, and Price
I thought the fact that ORRi's designer had a background in menswear was very interesting. It explained where all the simplicity, neutrality, and chicness of design came from. Now, my small calla satchel is literally my everyday bag - for work, for any occasion.

  • Do you have any comments for people who might be hesitating or considering to buy ORRi New York’s handbag? 

- If you want to carry a bag with great quality and great price, ORRi is it. I've already gifted DAHLIA CROSSBODY to my cousin, and she loves it too.


  • Please include your photo with the handbag or just the handbag photo itself.

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