All of our goods are hand-crafted with fine, high quality leather that is carefully selected and developed. Please note that slight imperfections are natural characteristics of genuine hide leather. Each detail and finish is guaranteed by high standards of quality and operating control to ensure the quality of our products.


What should I do before using my ORRI bag?

Before using your leather item, we recommend that you use a leather protector to preserve it. While this is not a necessary step, it may help to preserve your leather for a longer period of time. These items can easily be purchased at any drugstore or at a local shoe-repair shop.


How should I care for my ORRI leather?

For light cleaning of the leather, we recommend spot cleaning with a leather cleaner. This can be purchased at a local drugstore or cobbler. Please make sure to test any products you are applying to the bag in a small, inconspicuous spot first. It is recommended to check you are okay with the final result before applying to the whole bag. For deep cleaning, a local cobbler or leather professional should be able to help.


My bag has some variations. Is this normal?

Leather is a natural hide and it is normal for some pieces to have some variations. This is characteristic of the raw material and should not be considered an imperfection, but rather a unique indicator that your bag is made from the highest quality leather. Creasing in some items is unavoidable during manufacturing and shipment, but should diminish as you use the bag.


Will ORRI bags show scratching?

Scratching and damage can always occur while using any leather product. ORRI is not responsible for damage caused by normal wear and tear, such as scratching or staining on light-colored bags.


How should I store my ORRI bags?

When not in use, please be sure to store your ORRI bags in a cool, dry area in the dustbag provided with your purchase. Not only that, it is important to fully stuff the leather good and store it in a upright position in order to preserve the integrity of the design. In the event that your bag gets wet, please be sure to air dry before further use or storage.


What is ORRI’s warranty policy?

ORRI is committed to the quality of our products with a 6 month warranty policy. We are happy to handle complimentary repairs for issues resulting in manufacturing defects within this 6-month period. If items cannot be repaired, we will replace the item as long as the stock is available. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. If general wear and tear has affected the products’ appearance, we suggest visiting a leather care professional for refurbishment.

At this time, ORRI’s warranty policy is only available for US orders. For any international orders, we will handle on a case by case basis.


How does ORRI handle repairs?

Products that are within the 6 month warranty period are eligible for repairs free of charge. Proof of purchase from ORRI will be required for any repair services. Each case will be dealt with on an individual basis and repairs may take up to 3-4 weeks, excluding shipping time. International orders are not eligible for repairs given the shipping and customs.

For products that are outside of the warranty, ORRI is happy to offer repair services at a cost. Customers will be responsible for shipping and the repair costs. The repair costs will vary based on the service needed.


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