About Orri

Women’s handbag designed by menswear designer in New York

As a female menswear designer, our creative director has always been inspired by masculinity and femininity at the same time. Both men and women have their uniquely beautiful silhouettes, and we have combined these two beauties into one unique collection. By incorporating soft curves with straight lines and sharp angles, we seek to create powerful shapes that accentuate beauty in its purest and most complete form. Our bags embody a message of equality where being feminine and powerful coexist in one place.

ORRI's overall design focuses on harmony of distinct lines and curves. A semicircle flap hugs the top, which is contrasted by sharp angles at the bottom to embody the union of feminine and masculine beauties. Our bags give a hint of minimalism, but they are distinct from familiar designs we've seen. ORRI’s signature hardware further accentuates the uniqueness belonging only to designer handbags. We sought to create designer leather accessories that are both easily approachable and of high taste level, distinguishable from more commonplace products seen on the street.

    High Quality, Competitive Price

    ORRI is born from a partnership between a creative director who has worked at various high-end collections and mass market brands in New York and London and a financier with an extensive experience at leading hedge funds in New York. These specialists have combined their expertise to create the highest quality products with the best designs while minimizing all of the unnecessary costs. Everything we save, we return to our customers in better quality products and better prices.


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