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100% Handcrafted with 100 Years of Workmanship

It has become difficult to expect unique designs and quality from big name brands: most contemporary handbag factories heavily rely on machines in their manufacturing process, which limit in their ability to create high-quality leather goods. On the other hand, high-end designer bags often come with astronomical price tags. Our search for a balance between the two worlds led us to Korea. Korea has already proven itself for quality with K-beauty and K-fashion, and we found handbag artisans with over 100 years of workmanship with leather accessories. Together with our partner, we handcraft strong, good quality bags that hold shape regardless of how you hold them and what you put in them. Not only that, we only manufacture a limited number of bags each season in order to ensure we handcraft only the highest quality products with the most ethical practices.

Transparent Fashion: Know the Truth About Your Bags

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of controversy over “Made in”, where even premium bags are actually being manufactured in China or SE Asia with only a few finishing touches done in Europe. From Business of Fashion's "Does ‘Made in’ matter?":

"Labelling specifying the country in which a good was produced has long been a marker of quality. The ateliers of France, leather workers of Italy and watchmakers of Switzerland have built global reputations for their exacting standards. Today, ‘Made in’ labeling is also an indicator of the regulations and health, safety and wage standards under which a good was produced. But in a world with increasingly complex supply chains that can span several countries, a jacket sold by a European brand can be manufactured in a cheap and relatively unregulated labour market like China, but finished and packaged in France or Italy, thereby earning a ‘Made in France’ or ‘Made in Italy’ label."

At a time when consumers even want to know which farm their food comes from, we believe our customers deserve to know how their bags are made, down to every detail about where each part comes from. We hold ourselves to high standards and want to share with our customers just why our products are trustworthy. We tell you exactly where every component of our bags is made:

  • Manufacturing: handcrafted in Korea
  • Natural cow pebble leather: made in Korea
    • Grade A leather only: In order to lower their costs, many brands use A/B grade leathers only in the front, and fill up the rest with low grade leathers. This shortcut tends to shorten the product's lifetime and easily leads to degradation of shape. Instead, ORRI only uses grade A leather.
  • Edge coating: made in Korea
    • Because leathers are constantly coming in contact with other surfaces, coating is a crucial step in making leathers more durable. Traditionally, most bags are coated only twice, but we coated our leathers 4 times to maximize their durability.
  • Lining: made in Korea
      • With water repellent function: Linings protect both your bag and your belongings inside. Because leathers are sensitive to water and humidity, we added the water repellent function to all of our linings.
    • Thread: made in Germany
      • Threads are a crucial part of leather goods because they connect all the different pieces of the product. Therefore, only the highest quality threads are able to hold the handbag together for a long time. ORRI only uses threads from Germany, widely considered to be the best supplier in the world.
    • Zipper: made in Korea
      • We have developed the smoothest zipper with a high-end manufacturer that boasts some of the longest histories and traditions in Korea.
    • Other hardware trims: made in Korea
    • Gold foil embossed logo: made in Germany



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