Emma - Dahlia Crossbody Review

Emma.J - Instagram @whyemma

  • Please briefly introduce yourself.
I'm an architect living in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Which item did you purchase from ORRi New York? And what made you purchase that item?  
I purchased a Dahlia crossbody in Beige. I wasn't particularly looking to purchase a bag but when I  saw Dahlia crossbody, I fell in love with it straight away. I just adore the soft curve of the front flap against the boxy silhouette of the bag and I love how it elevates my wardrobe!

  • What do you most like about our brand and products?
I think the quality of the bag is absolutely top-notch, up there with brands that typically cost thousand dollars or more. ORRi’s leather is soft and smooth and the shape holds nicely.

  • Do you have any comments for people who might be hesitating or considering to buy ORRi New York’s handbag? 

It's a steal! The quality of the bag is excellent and I think the bag will never go out of style. Oh and I've gotten so many compliments wearing it!


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