2nd Editorial - The New Yorker

ORRi’s Second Editorial “The New Yorker”

In our first editorial “Redefining the Standard of Beauty,” we set out to express beauty unrestrained by the frame of gender. In our second editorial “The New Yorker,” we sought out to capture ORRi in its most natural habitat, with real life people who use and appreciate it everyday. We wanted to reflect how our modern and unique designs meld elegantly with practical, everyday utility.

ORRi and its clientele aren’t extravagant. We are ordinary people walking down Soho or Fifth Avenue in New York City on a typical. But, we appreciate beauty in simplicity and elegance. To capture this essence, we threw out fancy outfits and elaborate makeups in our photoshoot. Instead, we sought to capture how simply carrying an ORRi handbag makes a person shine through the ordinary.



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