Sabina - Calla Satchel Review

Sabina.H - Instagram @Sabinahuh

  • Please briefly introduce yourself.

- My name is Sabina, I'm a fashion designer based in NY.

  • Which item did you purchase from ORRi New York? And what made you purchase that item?

- I bought a small Calla Satchel in Beige because I was looking for the perfect everyday bag for the summer and am absolutely loving it!

  • What do you most like about our brand and products?

- Versatility! The design is classic, yet stylish, and it's perfect for both dressy and casual look. I love the gorgeous color and the quality of the leather, which feels incredibly smooth, but still very durable, you won't have to worry about getting scratches or losing its unique shape.

And unlike other mini bags, the interior is quite spacious! I can easily fit all of my essentials I need to carry every day and still have room left.

  • Do you have any comments for people who might be hesitating or considering to buy ORRi New York’s handbag?

- It's a beautiful, high quality, versatile bag at a great price point. Highly recommend :)

  • Please include your photo with the handbag or just the handbag photo itself.


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